"Law" behind prison walls- How it all works or doesn't work

Spoke with my husband on 5/24/11, the day before my flight to California to see my youngest son graduate high school. It wasn’t good news:  He had received his second conduct report courtesy of his social worker who appears to be retaliating due to his Inmate Complaint against the Seargant whom she is having an inappropriate relationship with. 

Apparently, James made “disrespectful” comments regarding her and a few other DOC employees during a phone conversation between he and I BEFORE he received his first conduct report.  His social worker sat and reviewed 80 taped conversations in order to FINALLY find a violation.   Wonder how much of her precious time that took?

Please drop me a line if you agree that if James is guilty of “disrespect” due to comments made to his wife in a “private” conversation, then more likely than not, 99% of the inmates in prison or county jails would be guilty as well.  Weather you are cited for it, depends on where you are in the food chain of the “law” behind the prison walls…

Isn’t it nice to see how WELL our tax dollars are being spent? If you are shocked or disgusted with this type of governemnt waste, please let your representatives know. Anyone else who has experienced or knows of another who has experienced similar situations is encouraged to contact me.

Oh what a tangled web the DOC weaves…

I am married to a current inmate in the Wisconsin Prison System. I am seeking others of like situation or mind who have endured the realities of a corrupt and unjust system that denies individuals the opportunity to re-claim their lives, and then blames them for their failures.

I am attempting to bring attention to the HUGE problem with the current Earned Early Release Commission (ERRC) and the issue of inmates eligibility for early release being denied due to insignificant disciplinary actions, and, how many DOC (Department of Corrections) employees are targeting inmates in order to prevent early release under ACT 28.   It is my FIRM belief that Department of Corrections employees have a vested interest in keeping these men and women in prison and are using their positions of authority to create an atomosphere of hopelessness and hostility among inmates rather than rehabilitating and reintegrating them into society as is the touted mission of the DOC.

Recently I sent a letter to MaryKay Kollat, Director of Re-enty with the DOC, regarding my husband’s approval for early release which was followed by a VERY minor disciplinary action within one week.   Subsequently, he was placed in segregation and I lost visitation privledges for 60 days, his work release privledges were revoked, and it also cost him his early release.     

Long and short- I took my husband a cheeseburger to his place of employment and within a weeks time, he had lost every privledge he had EARNED and the DOC ERRC Chairman denied his early release at a cost of more than $8,000 to the taxpaying citizens of Wisconsin.   So you understand how something like this happens you need to know that just prior to his ERRC hearing for consideration of release not only was his room being searched on almost a daily basis but his mail was subjected to constant monitoring.   The DOC discovered MY laspse in judgement and quickly moved to isolate this “danger to society” even though he had a SPOTLESS conduct record during his ENTIRE incarceration to that point- which as any of you know who have actually dealt with an inmate- is ALMOST unheard of.

If you have experienced a similar situation, you are an attorney who has dealt with inmate release issues, or you are a  Department of Corrections employee who is interested in discussing your experiences, I would like to hear from you. 

To place a face with the names, here is a drawing that my husband, James, sent to me.  The original picture of us was taken in September 2009- one month prior to his arrest…

james julie heaven on earth

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